App for kids to easy  learn and enjoy Chinese for 6 to 8 year old kids

Through this App Kids will be able to acquire, in a fun and easy way, part of the vocabulary of the first level of the Chinese official exam for kids YCT, without realizing that they are learning Chinese. Pupils will be engaged through interactive activities learning in three lessons how to introduce themselves, their pets and family.

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YCT volume 1 Textbook

This volume is the first of 4 Kids’s story books and it is a great way to start learning Chinese for 6 to 8 years old kids. It has been developed to work in tandem with our “Kids Way to Chinese” iPad App. This App has many interesting and motivating activities, as well as educational games. The intuitive design is catered for both teachers during the class as well as kids to practice at home. You can find additional resources in our website.

One volume has been tailored to cover one semester, where a student is required to complete two 45 minutes to 1 hour sessions per week. (See table). This will be the most general case in any school.

Table YCT 1 Vol1

As the table shows, after volume 1 kids will start with volume 2 so that at the end of the year they will complete both volumes. However when students are required to complete only one hour session per week, volume 1 will cover the whole course.

It has a textbook and a workbook. The textbook has many activities related to three popular stories which will support the teacher during the class and will keep the children engaged. It also helps students acquire part of the vocabulary of the first level of the Chinese test YCT by using chants, songs, games, Total Physical Response and fun group activities for the classroom.

The workbook is an excellent tool for the kids to learn in an easy way. Students will start acquiring the order and direction of the basic strokes. They will also start getting familiar with radicals, as a classification system with mnemonic strategies which will help them learn the characters in a simple and fun way.

Learning objectives

All learning objectives for this volume can be viewed here.  This provides an invaluable tool for teachers to plan and organize the objectives for the school year:


Book lessons

YCT 1 Volume 1 has 3 lessons:

YCT 1 Vol 1 Lesson 1

YCT 1 Vol 1 Lesson 2

YCT 1 Vol 1 Lesson 3