Quiz Box

This is not an online game, please download the file and descompress to your PC or USB Flash memory.

Start by clicking the “1 Kids Way to Chinese.exe” file, then choose the desired number of teams, ranging between 2  up to 6 teams! Once the team number is selected, you may change the team name if desired.
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Monopoly can be played by up to 6 teams.

At the beginning,  choose the appropiate level according to the students, and decide the playing teams numbered from 1 to 6. Students will choose their favorite characters to start the game.

Push the orange button at the lower right sideof the wheel, and a number will be appear, showing how many slots the character will advance. There are three types of slots:

  1. “?” type question: if the answer is right, you can keep on playing.
  2. “STAR” type question: if the answer is right, you can keep on playing.
  3. “!” Fate: you may win or lose steps depending on the fate.

The winner can be the first one to get 100 points or the player with the highest score gained within 5 minutes.
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Adapted from the TV program “who wants to be a millionaire”.

There are 15 questions in total. The game continues as long as questions have been answered correctly, and will therefore lose the game if answered incorrectly.

Millionaire can be played with different teams. In the team point counter, points are added or reduced by the teacher, and the winner is the team with highest point.
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Hurry up! Jump to next floodwood and try not to drop into the river.

Look carefully at the questions appearing above and find the correct answer by clicking the right wood.

If you ‘re wrong, then you must wait some seconds to start again.

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There are two teams answering the same questions in a random order.

At the beginning,  choose the corresponding level of students. Both teams will click the GO button  to start the game. Every time the question is answered correctly, one point is given, however if the answer is not right, one point will be lost.

The first team to accumulate 10 points is the winner.

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There are different type of Bingo Sheet: 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 with different word orders. The type of sheet used will be determined according to the convenience to the class.

Before playing Bingo, make sure all students can understand the words shown and circle the correct word when teacher reads it out loud. There is a Lotto file which chooses a word by random and the teacher will read out the word one after another.

The student will circle the correct word when hearing the teacher read the word on the computer screen. The first student to make a full straight line (it can be a line of 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on the sheet) with the circled words is the winner of LINE. The game continues until a student has circled all words on the sheet, the winner of BINGO.

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Arcade is an individual game for students to play at home.

At the beginning, there are 3 different arcade games for student to choose from.

5 questions will be asked (the first question is the puzzle) and after answering them, the student may play the arcade game for 3 mins. After the game, the arcade game menu will  reappear, and after selecting another arcade game, the next group of questions will be shown.
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