YCT 1 Vol1 Le1: Little Red Riding Hood

YCT 1 Vol 1 Lesson 1

YCT 1 Vol 1 Lesson 1

This lesson contains a fun story for kids called Xiao Honghong which is an illustrated adaptation of the very well-known Little Red Riding Hood story.

This first lesson will be the longest one because it includes two different topics that will give the students the feeling that they can already use the Chinese to communicate even if it is in a very basic context. Therefore we will learn 35 easy words through a very familiar story for the students, Little Red Ridding Hood. It will allow students to easily learn new words by guessing from a context that is already known for them.

You will learn in this lesson:

  • how to say hello and good bye
  • the numbers from one to ten,
  • how to introduce yourself with your name
  • some body parts.

This will be your first contact with Chinese. Most activities will use the tale of Little Red Riding Hood to keep the kids engaged.