Chinese learning apps for kids

Kids way to Chinese Apps for iPad are a series of 4 apps for children from 4 to 14 years old. Our learning activities are designed to engage and entertain either in the classroom or at home. The app includes short books, stories, songs and funny games.

Kids way to Chinese YCT 1 Vol1


App educational background

Kids way to Chinese methodology is born from the experience of a group of elementary and primary school teachers based outside of China with a long experience in teaching Chinese to children in schools. The apps are full of classroom activities.


Made for kids

Unlike other apps, words, expressions and phrases are presented in a context relevant to the child, ensuring his attention is kept and emphasizing listening over reading/writing activities in the first levels. Every song, story, flashcard, book or game is key in the language acquisition process and contains consistent vocabulary with the child level.

Youth Chinese tests (YCT)

Our app activities follows the official “Youth Chinese Learners Test (YCT)” language certification lessons. These exams are done in multiple locations across the world by the Confucius Institute.


There are 3 YCT levels, and there will be 4 apps for each YCT level:

  1. YCT level 1: 80 words
  2. YCT level 2: 150 words
  3. YCT level 3: 300 words

After completing each set of 4 apps your little child will be ready to pass the corresponding YCT Level exam.

Available now in Apple Store YCT 1 apps:


About KW2C app

Kids way to Chinese methodology follows learning Chinese by Natural approach. This process allows children to learn in a spontaneous way starting by listening in context giving them the chance to learn by predicting and guessing. Our activities are all tailored according with the interest of each age of the students.

Avaliable apps in the App Store:

YCT 1 apps

  1. KW2C YCT1-V1 – available now at the iPad app store!
  2. KW2C YCT1-V2 - avaliable now at the iPad App store!
  3. KW2C YCT1-V3 – avaliable now at the iPad App store!
  4. KW2C YCT1-V4 – avaliable now at the iPad App store!

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