In the second lesson of this app, children will enjoy by using learning games, interactive activities and the audio tale of “The Chinese Zodiac Story”. They will acquire 8 new words that also belong to level 1 of YCT official curriculum and we will also connect them to the vocabulary of the first lesson.

You will learn in this lesson:
- how to name some animals
- how to introduce the animals saying their name and age.
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In the first lesson of our app, children will enjoy learning with games for kids in Chinese, full of multi-sensory activities and the audio short story of ”Little Red Riding Hood”.


Learning objectives will be:

-          how to say hello and good bye

-          the numbers from one to ten

-          how to introduce yourself with your name

-          some body parts.
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App for kids to easy  learn and enjoy Chinese for 6 to 8 year old kids

Through this App Kids will be able to acquire, in a fun and easy way, part of the vocabulary of the first level of the Chinese official exam for kids YCT, without realizing that they are learning Chinese. Pupils will be engaged through interactive activities learning in three lessons how to introduce themselves, their pets and family.

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