YCT 1 Vol1 Le1: Little Red Riding Hood

YCT 1 Vol1 Le1: Little Red Riding Hood thumbnail

In the first lesson of our app, children will enjoy learning with games for kids in Chinese, full of multi-sensory activities and the audio short story of ”Little Red Riding Hood”.


Learning objectives will be:

-          how to say hello and good bye

-          the numbers from one to ten

-          how to introduce yourself with your name

-          some body parts.

Students will learn 35 easy words through a very familiar story that will give them the feeling that they can already use the Chinese to communicate even if it is in a very basic context. It will allow students to easily learn new words by guessing from a context that is already familiar for them. This vocabulary belongs to the first level of the official Chinese curriculum YCT.


Kids way to Chinese apps will adapt their activities to the different learning strategies according to the child´s age.

In this lesson students will start learning Chinese by listening in a familiar context the new vocabulary provided in the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

We will use different learning strategies, according with the age, to help students accomplish their learning objectives. Through the sequencing strategy, students will slowly increase their comprehension capabilities.

Another different learning strategy that also helps children accomplish reading and writing objectives is a mnemonic strategy making stories for memory enhancement.


Most activities will use the tale of Little Red Riding Hood to keep the kids engaged.