YCT 1 Vol1 Lala´s Great Journey

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App for kids to easy  learn and enjoy Chinese for 6 to 8 year old kids

Through this App Kids will be able to acquire, in a fun and easy way, part of the vocabulary of the first level of the Chinese official exam for kids YCT, without realizing that they are learning Chinese. Pupils will be engaged through interactive activities learning in three lessons how to introduce themselves, their pets and family.

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This educational app covers both listening and writing skills classified in Discover (focus on listening and speaking  interactive activities) and Write (focus on reading and writing  interactive activities) plus Play (Games) that will let the students review in a very fun environment.

Chinese app menu yct1 v1 le1Kids way to Chinese methodology follows learning Chinese by Natural approach. This process allows children to learn in a spontaneous way starting by listening in context giving them the chance to learn by predicting and guessing. Pupils will go to the following steps:

1 Listening in context with intuitive pictures and understanding. This will be your first contact with Chinese.

Then you will practice the new vocabulary through many activities relating to the stories to keep the kids engaged.

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2 Speaking in context. Now they are ready to play drama recording their own voices in Chinese being able to choose their favorite character. This way Kids bring into practice what they have already learnt in the lesson.


3. Reading. Once they are able to associate sounds with images and understand the meaning in context, they are ready to learn the main characters of the lesson and their radicals.
We will give them mnemonic tools to acquire them in a fun and easy way.


4. Writing. They will first learn the basic strokes, as it happens in their own mother language and this will help them to written in order the full character. Once they are able to write simple isolated characters, they will have the chance to write them in context.


This App has many interesting and motivating activities, as well as educational games that cater to multiple intelligences. It also combines an easy-to-use interface and fun sound effects to entertain children while they learn.

The intuitive design is catered for both teachers during class as well as assists kids practice at home. You can find additional resources in our website.

This will be a very powerful tool for the teacher in both cases, whether teacher and students have Ipad in the classroom or only teacher has Ipad and students have the corresponding book (See video)